December 11, 2013

Victorine’s Corset?

This is the kind of corset Victorine might have worn in 1862.  The image comes from the Metropolitan Museum costume collection.

It also appears to be the style of corset depicted in Manet’s 1878 pastel drawing “Woman Fastening Her Garter.” Or maybe the drawing shows something more like this corset:

corset 1870

Corset from 1870.

Victorine Meurent wouldn’t have had money for an elaborate or fancy corset, so I’m just including images of plain garments.  But here’s a picture of a fancier corset that Victorine might have liked because of its color:


From Augusta Auctions.

To learn more about the difference between corsets and “stays,” go to this blog entry from The Dreamstress — she’s an expert. Here’s her Pinterest collection of antique undergarments from the 1840s – 1860s.

We’ll save the discussion about drawers for another day.

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