September 23, 2016

Rosso Parigi

I woke up to this fabulous Tweet from Einaudi Editore, the Italian publisher of Paris Red, or Rosso Parigi.

Manet first traveled to Italy when he was 21, and I think the country was never far from his mind. In this New York Times article, writer Roderick Conway Morris says that Manet was “consistently” inspired by Italian painting.

In Victorine Meurent’s own study of art, I’m sure she must have been influenced by the works of Italian masters, too. Here is Victorine’s “Le Jour de Rameaux” with da Vinci’s “Lady with an Ermine.” Maybe the gaze to the right is the only thing the paintings have in common, but I somehow like seeing them paired.


I know for certain the connection between my novel and Italy is strong: the book began in Venice 36 years ago. I’m thrilled and honored that Giulio Einaudi published it.


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